What is the C2C Story app?

Steve Smith sharing the Creation 2 Christ story

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About the App

The C2C Story App is a visual flipbook used as part of the Gospel presentation called Creation 2 Christ. These pictures, scrolled by swiping the screen, represent the stories of the Bible from Creation to Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. The intent for this application is to visually represent the biblical stories as they are shared verbally.

The Story

Check out the Story page to see which story to tell with each picture of the Creation 2 Christ presentation.  In the future, we will be adding the Story to the app and then translating it into multiple languages.  We’ll be updating both this website and the app as we get new translations prepared.

The Illustrations

Through a series of 20 original illustrations, the Creation 2 Christ Story takes you on an interactive journey that will empower the reader as well as give a visual connection for the viewer. Each image contains visual prompts that will help guide the teller throughout the story and also provide a way for the viewer to better remember and interact with what they are hearing.

The Uses

These digital versions of the Creation 2 Christ illustrations allow you to use the images on your smartphone or tablet while sharing the Gospel with friends and acquaintances in small group settings and one-on-one conversations.  Use the app from the appropriate App Store to use when offline or click on Webapp Version to use online and without downloading anything.